five days late, NEG test?!

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five days late, NEG test?!

For the past five or so years, my period has been close to clockwork. During ovulation we did not use any contraceptives (we've only been using condoms). My period is five days late (which has never happened), I took a test yesterday, and it was negative. I really feel like I could be pregnant, so the test threw me. I have been experiencing some pregnancy symptoms. Any advice?
Is it worth taking a test again in a few days, or is the original negative test likely valid?


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What type of test did you use? There are a number of reasons for a negative test result. Obviously a true negative is a possibility. Some people experience false negatives from particular tests (generally blue dye have been mentioned.) You could have ovulated later than expected which may throw the level of hcG needed to register a + back a few days. Stress, illness, new meds, etc. could delay your cycle... and more.

My personal recommendation is to wait another day or two and retest with a different type of test. If the result is still negative and you do not start your cycle you should visit your medical provider for a check up.

Please come back and let us know your results! I hope you get the answer you are looking for!


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I agree with what Missy said. Test again and make sure its a pink dye test. Any updates?

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I had something similar last cycle. No idea why. I assumed a negative at 4 days late was negative and something else was going on. It did kind of drive me crazy though!

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that happened to me last time also and I found out that I ovulated pretty late. Breast tenderness and everything, still a neg test. Didn't show positive until almost a week later