FRERs giving dark evaps and possibly false pos (XP)

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FRERs giving dark evaps and possibly false pos (XP)

As seen in my post on DYSAL, I got a visible line at 10DPO that looked pinkish, and was read within the 10 min time limit.

Yesterday when I retested and got a ghostly gray line, I did some googling.

There have been lots of reports of dark gray and even pinkish evaps on the new "6 days sooner" FRERs. Some women say they see a light gray line even before they pee on the stick! I am not sure if this applies to the "5 days sooner" previous tests.

So, the typical wisdom of "If you see a line on a FRER you're pregnant, because FRERs don't give evaps" isn't true anymore. Just wanted to save someone the confusion (and disappointment) I had.

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Oh yay. :rolleyes:

Dollar Tree tests suddenly rank even higher! Pink dye for $1. Never had an evap yet! Lol

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Hmm, I wonder if that's what happened to me. I used an FRER and got a faint positive, but then got my period (there's more to that story, but that's the basic gist). Since I'd had symptoms, I assumed it was a chemical pregnancy (why do they call them "chemical" pregnancies, anyway??), but maybe I was never pregnant at all. I might stick with the chemical pregnancy story though, because otherwise it means I imagined a LOT of symptoms. Good to know though!