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AF is taking forever to get here this cycle. I am on CD38 and still nothing. I am def not pregnant, all tests say no. Even if I o'd late, it wouldn't have happened, as DH and I only BD TWICE this month. (due to wisdom teeth surgery and opposite schedules.) I didn't temp or anything this cycle, just was LIH. Sorry for the rant, just a bit frustrated today. Ready for a new cycle to start!

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Hopefully your wait is over soon! Waiting is the worst Sad

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Ugh! That would be frustrating. Hopefully AF shows up soon.

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I totally understand! I had my mirena out on Oct. 25 and I'm waiting for AF too! I keep having off and on spotting but nothing that remotely resembles AF. Sad I've never been so anxious for her to get here! Hopefully our wait will be over soon! ((BIGHUGS))

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Sorry you are having to wait. Like others have said, I think that is the worst part too. Come on AF!!