Going nuts with TTC tonight

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Going nuts with TTC tonight

I'm going a little nuts with TTC tonight so I thought posting here would be appropriate. Smile I've been alone WAY too much today which is part of the problem. I'm just thinking about it a lot. I wouldn't say I'm freaking out or anything yet but I'm doing what I always do...I start to HATE that I don't have an answer or anything that proves I am or even leans me in one direction or the other. I'm 9DPO today and testing this morning with an IC and got a BFN. This is my second round of Clomid and my second time hyperovulating so I feel like my chances are really great but I'm afraid to get my hopes up.

This cycle has been pretty different because we were out of town for our niece's dedication weekend before last which was when I ovulated and then this weekend actually start Thursday we were gone for our anniversary and we just got back last night. Today was the first day I tested and I really wasn't expecting anything and really haven't even been that concerned about it until tonight. I've been hoping SO bad it would be this month and I just can't let myself get my hopes up and it's bugging me.

Of course the few people who know are sick of me saying "so do I seem pregnant to you?" and things like that since of course they can't know. And I'm completely nuts for asking but it's bugging me tonight. I guess it's because I'm having symptoms or what could be symptoms. I'm having very very sore boobs and they're huge and swollen...I think my nipples are larger too (TMI) but that could just be because they're swollen. I'm a bit moody but of course that could be PMS. I've had two dizzy spells the last few days that lasted about an hour with seemingly nothing else that could cause them. I've also had a lot of cramping. Not super bad cramping but the twingy kind. I guess I just need someone to obsess with me.

Any takers?

Sometimes I just get so tired of trying and trying and trying that I just want it to be this month so bad so that we don't have to try again...not that it's not fun. I'm just tired of being disappointed.

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I'm only running a day behind you post-iui, and I totally understand where you are at both with obsessing and with the battle between hoping & wanting, and at the same time not wanting to really get your hopes up. It's enough to make a girl go just a bit crazy! I've got the sore boobs (and they seem to be a bit overly large today...which is saying something since I start out at a DDD! :eek: ) Not much else....you've got a lot of great symptoms going there!

9DPO is definitely still plenty early. It seems like we're always seeing these super-early BFPs around here, but it really isn't that common. I've got my fingers crossed for both of us!!! I hope you have great news coming in the next few days. :bigarmhug:

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Thanks so much Jean! That makes me feel a little better. My sore boobs are just getting more sore tonight. I'm a C but mine barely fit in my bra right now and the ache so bad just sitting here I can barely stand it. My skin is sore to the touch too. I've always had sore boobs with PMS but they've been different each month since we're TTC. Last month they didn't bother me at all and I was on the same dose of Clomid then so I'm hoping it means something, but I think that the Clomid symptoms can change from month to month even with the same dose. I'm not sure.

I bet you're going a bit nuts too for sure having had an IUI. When something is different with a cycle that you know for a fact increases your chances it's so hard to think about anything else. I hyperovulated last time with a progesterone level of 37 at 6DPO and this time it was 35 at 5DPO so I definitely hyperovulated again and apparently when you do the chance of not getting pregnant is less or something then the chance of getting pregnant...or so I've heard. So I start to get all confused thinking about it because I want to be hopeful but I'm afraid to be.

I so hope this is it for you girl! I bet it is since you had an IUI! Good luck sweetie! Fingers crossed for you!

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You are not alone ... I was doing great this cycle until yesterday. I was working really hard at staying busy and not focusing TOO much on TTC. Then I got sick and I've spent most of yesterday and today in bed and pretty much focusing on whether I'm pregnant or not.

I've been exhausted and really sore, sore throat, cough ... lots of other horrible things that I'm not sure if they are from the sickness of from a potential pregnancy Smile Tonight I had some sharp, painful cramps that only lasted a few moments. I'm 7 DPO so I'm hoping that this was implantation !

DH wants me to test tomorrow :rolleyes: I had to explain to him that that would be crazy. I'm trying to hold off until Monday, but now he's trying to get me to test Friday instead. I will be 11DPO then so maybe I'll go for it Friday.

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Hang in there, everyone! I have definitely had those months where the days just drag. 8-9 DPO...that's the worst. The "symptoms" really kick in and it's hard not to test.

There are lots of us about the same DPO here. I'm pretty sure I'm 9 DPO. I've been temping, and taking my progesterone, but I don't feel excited or anxious or hopeful. I'm very cynical about symptoms in my case, since they deceive me so frequently! I'm exhausted, but that happens most months since I've been taking progesterone and we had a very busy weekend also.

I am more dreading testing than excited about it. I don't have any tests in the house at the moment. But I know I'll test by Friday since we have a Halloween party to go to that night and if no pg, I'd like to have a drink or two.

I hope we get a few BFP's around here toward the end of the week! Good luck to everyone.