Good info regarding timing *xp to ttc tips*

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Good info regarding timing *xp to ttc tips*

Good article / info on timing; I'm posting the text as well just in case the article moves or goes off line:


Everyone knows that it takes a sperm and an egg joining to get pregnant. Most people know that women release just one egg a month and that men release millions of sperm with each ejaculation. What people can?t seem to agree on is the best time for that one egg to be fertilized by a man?s sperm.

Here?s what we know. During each menstrual cycle, women have about 6 days in which they can get pregnant. This is known as the fertile window. A woman?s fertile window includes the five days before ovulation and the day of ovulation. These six days are the only days in a woman?s cycle when she can conceivably get pregnant.
[h=2]When is the best day to get pregnant?[/h]The fertile window explained:
A man?s sperm can live for up to five days inside a woman?s reproductive tract. A woman?s egg only lives for about 12 hours after it is released. This means that a woman?s egg needs to be fertilized within this 12-hour time frame. Furthermore, freshly ejaculated sperm are not able to fertilize a woman?s egg. It takes time for a process known as capacitation to occur. Capacitation is series of changes that sperm go through once they are inside a woman?s reproductive tract that make sperm more mobile and allow them to penetrate the egg. It can take up to 10 hours for a man?s sperm to complete the capacitation process and be able to fertilize a woman?s egg.

This is why the five days before ovulation are so important. Once ovulation takes place, sperm have a very brief window of time to fertilize the egg. Having mature sperm (sperm that have gone through the capacitation process already) ready for the waiting egg is the key to successful conception.

The day of ovulation:
You might have heard or might believe that the best day to get pregnant is the day that a woman ovulates . It is important to know when you ovulate and to try to time intercourse close to ovulation, but the day of ovulation is not the best day to get pregnant. Researchers have studied the timing of sexual intercourse in relationship to ovulation in order to determine which days are the most likely to result in pregnancy. Surprisingly, according to research published in the Journal of Reproductive Medicine, what they found was that the day of ovulation was not the best day of a woman?s cycle to conceive.

The day before ovulation:
Interestingly, the day before ovulation is actually a better day to conceive on than the day of. This may be because sperm that are ejaculated the day before ovulation have had time to mature and reach the egg.

Two days before ovulation:
Even more interesting, researchers have found that a woman?s chance of conceiving two days before ovulation is just as likely, if not more likely, as the day before ovulation. What this means for couples trying to conceive is that timing intercourse to occur a couple days before ovulation and the day before ovulation will give them the greatest chance of conceiving.

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Wow. Well that might explain a lot. And probably means I'm pooched again this cycle. TFS!

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Wow. I have never read something like that!
Makes a lot of sense. Thanks so much for that info!!!
I'm now trying it that way.

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Good info! Explains why the every other day and all 3 peak recommendations work so well. I guess DH and I will just have to DTD every other day all month long. @@

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Oh wow!!!! That's amazing!! DH and I DTD on -3, -2 and O
I got my peak on CD15 and a temp spike on CD16
We DTD the night of those sperm probably aren't even the ones that got the job done.

The little guys on either -3 or -2 were the winners according to this info.

Wow, just wow. That's pretty cool info!