got my BFP!!!

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got my BFP!!!

Well ladies I got my bfp today. I'm so excited...I still can't believe it.

Its been nice getting to know you ladies. Hope you all get bfps soon!

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:party: :jumpingbeans: :wootjump:

That is awesome!! Congrats!!!! When is your EDD?

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EDD is April 24th or 25th! Whooohooo, I can't believe it!

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Great news!!! Congratulations and HH9M!!! You need to post a pic of your BFP Pardon

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Congratulations to you!

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Super exciting! YAY! Congrats girl!

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I have said it many times but congrats again!! So excited for you!

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Thanks ladies. Super excited. Can't even contain my excitement. I hope to see you ladies in the birth boards very soon!

I posted my pics from yesterday in the DYSAL board and the April board. Here is one from this morning. Sorry its blurry.

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Congratulations! Smile