Got my first positive OPK!

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Got my first positive OPK!

So yesterday my OPK was SUPER negative, I mean barely there test line, so I was planning to test again in 2 days. Today I had TONS of EWCM, and I was having some mild cramping, like a few days before AF shows. So I tested on a whim, expecting it to be maybe a shade darker than yesterdays test, boy was I surprised!

I'm temping too, so I know I haven't O'd yet, I'll probably test again tonight to see if there's any change, and obviously again tomorrow (and again, and again until the line fades :p). I was just so blown away because ever since getting AF back 4 months ago my usual O date has been around CD19-20, and today is only CD15! Hopefully it's the Vitex working its magic, I was just hoping for a longer LP, but an earlier O is even better Biggrin

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:lovebed: Get to it!! Good Luck, I hope you catch that eggy!