HAPPY to see AF!

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HAPPY to see AF!

This is the first time in a year and a half that I've actually been HAPPY to see AF! Finally the month of preventing due to the rubella vac is O-VAH! Yahoo One month of trying on our own (and I'm still hoping that somehow we'll manage it) but if not, on to IUI in September. But, finally I can feel like I have something to look forward to again!

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Jean, even if it does not happen next month, don't sweat the IUI. I have officially decided that I am going to do IUIs from here on out and skip the timed intercourse!!! It was so easy, less messy, we actually get to BD for each other, not for a baby and, most importantly, IT WORKED.

So, as someone who made it through 19 long cycles, it will happen!!!!! Smile Baby Dust!

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Sounds like you've got some renewed spirit and a great plan in place! Smile

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yay for AF! Sounds like you're in a good place and feeling positive about what's to come!

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Glad you're back in the game! Good luck! I think having a plan takes away some stress, too.

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Woo hoo! So happy for you!! Smile