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New here... well returning after 9yrs. I was active on these boards while trying to conceive my daughter 9yrs ago.

I'm 33 and DH is 39. We are trying to conceive my 4th baby and our 6th. Our kids are: DS6, DD8, DS15, DD17, and DS19. We've been trying to conceive for over 20 mos now. I just started temping and charting again 2mos ago. I've also started using OPKs and I started using the CBFM this cycle. I'm on CD2 and anxious to start trying!

My cycles have been very irregular. My last cycle was 65days. I Oed on CD51. I decided to chart and *really* try for a few months then I'm going to talk to my doctor.

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Welcome back! I'm sorry to hear that your cycles are so wonky, but at least you are Oing! Hopefully the charting will help get the mission accomplished!! I'm glad you've come back to share your journey with us!


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Welcome back! Hope your cycles become more regular. I'd be frustrated with a 65 day cycle!