Hello (again)

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Hello (again)

Hello, my name is Marianne and DH is Jeff we have one son Jack who sill be 2 in March. I have posted here a couple of times but now we are going full force with TTC!!! We have gone back and forth over the last year but this is really it this time!!! I'm very excited.
It took 7 years to get DS and since having him I have not been on BC but using the 'pull and pray' method. I didn't want to take any BC because when we wanted to fully TTC I didn't want to have that work against us!! DH decided to TTC next cycle because we thought I was pregnant this time. I am 7 days late but would be closer to 8 weeks, last month I has something that resembled AF and I was 4 days early....This type of wonkyness NEVER happens to me I am religious 26-28 days EVERY month but I have done 3 pregnancy test and they all come back negative! So I am just waiting for AF to start and then we will start!!
I hope that it won't take to long!! I look forward to this journey with all of you!

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Nice to meet you!! Hopefully AF starts soon and you can start trying. That is crazy about your cycle and BFNs.

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Good luck! I hope it happens quickly for you Smile