Hello all! New here!!
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Thread: Hello all! New here!!

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    Default Hello all! New here!!

    Hello ladies!!! I am new here and TTC number 3!

    I will give a short back story. I am 34 years old and live in Phoenix, AZ. I have two gorgeous DD's. My oldest is 13 with my ex-husband and my youngest is 7 with my ex-fiance. I didn't plan on having anymore children, well until I got with my now husband. We decided that the moment we say I do, we are trying. AF is over a week late. I have been feeling nauseated, tired, my breasts are tender, but I have also started getting light cramping down low and now noticed light pink spotting. I did take a pregnancy test and it came out negative, and had a blood test that also came out negative. However, I still haven't seen a true AF, and have all these symptoms and I have heard that a blood test can be inaccurate if done too early. My DH seems to think that I am, but I can't get my hopes up here!!!!

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    Welcome! I'm new to this board too...good luck!!

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    Welcome, Ladies!!! Its great to see some newbies to this board coming around. While I hope your journies are short and sweet, I also hope you will stick around here and post a lot in the interim. I'd love to see this board take flight again! It used to be super active.

    I am hanging out here waiting for my DH to officially decide he's ready for #3. We had some infertility while TTC DD and it took us 2.5 years. We got really lucky the second time around and our DS is only 18months younger than DD. I hope to not have too much of an age gap between the last two.

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    Hi Ladies!

    Were you on birth control or something that could be throwing off your cycle? They can be wrong. I have a friend who had multiple home tests show up positive and was told by the lab her blood test was negative and then had a positive one a few days later.

    Good luck to both of you!
    - Becky

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