Hello Everyone!!

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Hello Everyone!!

Hi everyone!! We are TTC baby #3!! I have a 2 year old daughter and a 6 month old daughter. I have used this wonderful forum for both babies when TTC got a little tuff and I needed the extra support so here I am again! A little background, baby #1 took a year and a half to conceive, baby #2 took four months to conceive with 2 cycles of clomid the last two months. We have been trying for baby #3 but it has been quite difficult because I am breastfeeding and my cycles have not returned Sad My OPK's have all been negative. We are praying that I will ovulate while breastfeeding and hopefully catch the egg, but realistically speaking, I am not very optimistic that it will happen. I guess I just need some encouraging words! Good luck to you all on your TTC journey, I am looking foward to sharing!

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Welcome back to the boards! Thanks for choosing to share your journey here with us Smile