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Hello Everyone :)


I'm new to this website. I've been a member of pregnancyweekly.com since 2004, but have noticed the boards have become very slow.

I'm ttc #3, and was hoping to join a more active board. Dh and I have a 7 year old son, and 5 year old daughter. We were 99% sure we were done after having our daughter, but we've been going back and forth about having another for over a year, so we decided to make a decision and go for it.

I'm still a week away from ovulation but we are already "trying". LOL! I'm hoping to conceive this month, because if I don't conceive until next month my due date would be identical to my due date with my daughter. If it happens, it happens, but I want each of my kids to have their own birthday month...so we aren't forced to do joint birthday parties.

Anyway, is anyone else ttc #3?

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Nice to "meet" you! I have a Bella as well (she's actually Isabella but we all call her Bella). Unfortunately our boards have been a little slow lately as well with summer vacations and all but there are still many of us around. If you haven't already hop in over to March 2013 as well most ttc-ers post on the birth boards as well hopping along til they get to stay. I aam not ttc #3 but #7!

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Hi Tiffany. Thanks, I will check out the March 2013 board. ~*~baby dust~*~

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Hi! Welcome!! I'm so glad that you've decided to share your TTC journey with us. I hope it's short and sweet. Our boards are a tad slow lately too, but it's summer and everyone is out enjoying the weather. We go through phases here of being really active and and then slowing down depending on when everyone gets their BFP's.

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Welcome! I'm Gina and my story is almost identical to yours! Our kids are about the same age (DD 7 DS 4 but turing 5 in sept) and I was positive i was done after I had him. I had postpartum pretty bad with panic attacks so I was never going to "put myself thru that again" well, now that I know about zoloft and how I can go on it at the end and come back off when I need to I'm not worried about it. Zoloft is my postpartum friend LOL. Well, after 8 cycles of TTC #3 I finally got my BFP! I'm still only 10 DPO but the tests keep getting darker so I'm praying it sticks! Hopefully it won't take you 8 cycles like me LOL but i love that our stories are so similar!

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Welcome! Things have been a little slow on these boards, a lot of people board hop, as the other ladies have mentioned. Yay for going for #3! I'm working on #1. I'm on my 5th cycle of TTC, hoping it happens soon for all of us! Looking forward to chatting with you more!

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Welcome! We are just starting to try for #2 (#3 for DH). How is practicing going? I hope you get pregnant nice and fast!