Hello. I'm new to TTC.

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Hello. I'm new to TTC.

Hi everyone. My name is Stephanie and I have been to preg.org before - years ago - for my 2 DD's - ages 6 and 4 now. I started a new profile partially because I don't know my old one and partially because I'd like to start anew. I'm remarried now and we just got my tubes untied a week ago. So we're in the waiting to O category for our first cycle. It's all very new to me because my wonderful DD's were both unplanned pregnancies.

We're hoping to get pregnant fast but either my egg count is low or my eggs aren't that healthy. I can't even remember the name of the test my dr had me do before I untied my tubes. It doesn't matter to my husband and I because right now...we're just stubborn and optimistic. My tubes are untied and the dr said everything went great. He even said I have great tubes that had minimal scaring from the filshie clips.

So...here we are. I hope it all works out. Smile

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How exciting!! What a great adventure to decide to have more babies after having had your tubes tied. I hope you catch the very first eggy!! Welcome back to pg.org!!

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Hi Stephanie! Good luck!

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Oh wow! Welcome and good luck!