Hello Ladies!

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Hello Ladies!

I did it! I FINALLY convinced dh that its time for #3!!

My name is Jesse. I have two perfect boys, Shane (3) and Kyle (2). Shane was a souvenir from our honeymoon, and we found out Kyle was on the way just 3 months after Shane arrived. So we've never really planned or had conversations about timing before. And we also never had to try very hard. I have an appointment to have my Implanon removed on November 23rd. If things go well, we could expect to have a little one in September or October of next year.

I lurked on pg.org for both of my previous pregnancies. Figured I'd finally come out of hiding. I'm looking forward to meeting you all!


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Hi Jesse, it's nice to "meet" you. Congratulations on convincing DH to try for a third. That's very exciting.

I'm Stacy, DH is Jeff, and we have a little boy named Evan (2 in Nov). We have just started trying at our house. Not really in full force this month, just seeing what happens. I've only started charting this month again, so still getting used to things.

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I Jesse. I, like you, finally convince DH to try for #3. I get my iud out on the 17th of October. We are going to wait a cycle or two so maybe we will be on the same BB together.