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Hi ladies, my name is Elsie. I have been lurking for a couple of months and decided to join. I really need help. Ok here it goes! The beginning of July me and Dh dtd and af showed up July 15th. Said to say me and dh seperated the middle of July and haven't dtd since. We are back together, I guess ttc was a little too much stress on us. August af didn't show and I figured it was stress and didn't think nothing of it. Now I'm on cycle day 61 and still no af. I tested this morning and got bfp but I'm so confused since we haven't dtd since July 7th so how is it possible to get a bfp? I scheduled an appointment for Friday to see what's going on. But is it possible I can be pg eventhough af showed up in July? Any help would be nice. Thanks.

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There can be a variety of reasons for bleeding during pregnancy, but it is entirely possible that you conceived in July. You might have experience some implantation bleeding which you assumed was AF, or it could have been caused by something else. I hope the doctor can answer your questions for sure when you go in. Let us know what the doctor says, as I am curious to hear.

Welcome btw! I'm glad you decided to come out of lurkdom and join us. I hope you decide to stick around.

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Thank for the the reply and welcoming. I will keep you posted.

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If you haven't dtd since July, I would say you got pregnant then! Yes, you can bleed during pregnancy. Implantation bleeding can occur around the time you would normally get af, although it's usually much lighter. With DS, I thought I was getting my period, but the bleeding only lasted a couple days and was very light. Was your July af lighter than usual? Congratulations, by the way! Biggrin

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Was your last period "off" in any way? It is possible to bleed during pregnancy. I've known one person who if she hadn't known she was pregnant would have thought she had a real period. Turns out she lost a twin, but continued on to carry a healthy singleton pregnancy. Some women bleed during pregnancy for a variety of other reasons.
Glad you're able to be seen soon! They'll be able to do a dating ultrasound and let you know for sure.
KUP and welcome to!

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Thanks ladies. I really can't say if was normal because I'm irregular and thought maybe it was just stress or just late as usual. But when it didn't show in the beginning of this month I thought sokmething wasnt right. Even now I feel like af will be here soon because I'm having menstrual symptoms. You kniw cramps in the pelvic area, alot of cm but not much else. I will keep you posted, and thanks again.