Help with Cycle? Odd?!

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Help with Cycle? Odd?!

Hello All:

So, I'm curious if anyone can help me with a couple of questions. After having had two children and researching up a storm, I'm stumped!

1) During your cylce, as you near ovulation, your cervix will be high and soft. If you conceive, it will remain high. If not, it will progressively lower up until menstration. However, can someone clarify, does it really remain high or return to a high position once implantation occurs?

2) I've been having a wacky cycle and I'm starting to wonder what is going on. I took a pregnancy test this morning, but it was negative (however, it's likely too early to test); just took the test to help resolve what is happening. Here is the deal. I've been using a clear blue easy fertility monitor for years; I have recorded the cycle history all the way back to January 2011. Using this monitor (not temping), I typically ovulate (get a peak reading on the monitor) somewhere between day 16-19 with an average luteal phase of 12-13 days. My cycle length has averaged 30 days. Also, one other thing to note, I typically get a low monitor reading and then straight to peak; rarely do I get a high inbetween and when I do, it's typically no more than 2 high days before I get a peak.

With this most recent cycle, which I started on Tuesday August 14 (10pm), I got a high (not peak) reading on August 31 (day 17) and have had consecutive high readings up to and including this morning...8 days! I had what I thought was ovulation pain on September 1 (day 18 ) and was surprised I didn't get a peak reading the next morning. So, I'm now on day 24 and still haven't got a peak reading? I've checked my cervix position and it has fluctuated a bit between high and medium. If I consider the pain I felt on September 1 to be ovulation pain, that would put me at only 6 DPO at most; so, a bit early to test! Anyone have any ideas?

TIA, Christa

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I don't know much about cervix and position and such, but I'm stumped too. That's odd that you wouldn't get a peak reading. I hope it's a good sign and that a repeat HPT in a few days gives you a BFP.

I hope someone else here has more info as I am completely curious now!

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Hope you don't mind me chiming in.

Sorry it's all so wacky for you.

Cervical position can vary.
It's advised to test at the same time each day as it dies tend to change.
I believe after o it drops and hardens and then softens and raises if pregnant but the blurb says this alters from lady to lady.

As to the monitor.... I always got my highs and peaks but a friend of mine very very rarely got a peak, she didn't get + opks either.
She has very mild pcos.
But saying that she always went on her o pain and cm and she's 21 weeks now.

I don't use the monitor any more as opks work justices well for me and the sticks are cheaper.

I hope that I have helped a little.

Good luck!!!

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Thanks for the replies! As of this morning, I'm still getting high readings...
I was previously checked for PSOC when I was having problems conceiving my son; it all checked out fine. SO, I guess I just wait and see. I'll keep you posted if I learn anything new!

Thanks again, Christa

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Well Ladies: I'm not sure what was going on. But, in any case, AF made her presence known this afternoon. Guess I'll see what the next cycle brings and if it's still wacky, I'll call the doc for a blood test!