Help! Please look at my chart and weigh in (xp)

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Help! Please look at my chart and weigh in (xp)

Do you think I Oed yesterday?

I'm sick (head cold) and am stressing out about if we need to DTD tonight or not. If I did O yesterday then I won't try to BD.... .but if not then I think we really need to in order to give us better chances.

What would you do?

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I think a few more days of temps will tell you for sure. I'm not convinced just yet that you did O because you don't have 6 reliable temps below what would be your line. Remember it's the big picture that counts and don't stop trying till you know for sure that the eggy has definitely passed. Smile

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it looks like it might have been wed? but i'm no expert....

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So far it looks like Wed could've been O day, hopefully those temps stay up.