Help whos the father

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Help whos the father

Hi my name is amanda and im 20 yrs old. Ive cheated on my husband. Im so ashamed. Ive had sex wuth another man on the 8 & 30 of april. Ive had sex with my husband the 17-25. My due date is jan 18 2012 and my last period was on the conception date is on the 26 of april.ive had sex with my husband on the 17-25 me im so ashamed i just want to live a stress free enviroment for my child and do the best i can from now on. Please help

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With your conception date, I think it's too close to call. My only advice would be to get a DNA test after the baby is born.

I hope things work out.

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I agree that it is awfully close to call. In a perfect world, if your conception date was actually the 26th then it would be your husband when you had sex on the 25th. Sperm can live in a perfect environment for up to 5 ish days... but in most cases not that long. While the egg only lives 12-24 hours or so. But due dates are just estimates and they wouldn't be able to tell you exactly. I agree that probably a DNA test is the only way to know 100%.


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I have to agree with the other posters. There is no clear cut way to know who the father is until the baby is born and you have a paternity test. Best of luck to you!

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