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hi all

me and my fiance have been ttc-ing for 7 months now and haven't been successful yet due to my af cycles being completely out of whack as i am lucky if i get a few hours af free. i've been on my current af for nearly a month and it's really annoying me n my fiance now as my last af didn't go away for over a month and a half and it seems like this one isn't far off joining that one. i was under a gynaecologist when i was staying with my middle sis for a few months which was before i met my fiance, but my current doctors won't re-refer me back to a gynaecologist even though i have told them that i was under one in rhyl (which is where my middle sis n family live) and that the reason why i was under a gynaecologist is in my medical file, but they didn't listen and i don't know what to do anymore.
i just hope that i can get an appointment on monday at my doctor's as my sis in-law (my fiance's twin sis) has that she'll come with me and help me to get everything sorted out hopefully.