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    Default Hi everyone - introduction

    **I am using the intro from my TTC-Space for this introduction post! hehe**

    Hi! My name is Katie. I used to frequent these forums and was an active member during the pregnancies for my two sons, but I have been away for a while. Between working full-time and in school full-time, I got way too bogged down. I am 28 years old and DH, Ying-Ta is 30. We have two boys from my previous marriage; Rowan is six and Cole Liam is three. We have wanted to have a third child for quite some time now. I am from Virginia originally, although I have been in Maryland ever since I have been out of the Army. Ying-Ta was also in the Army, although that is not where we met. My husband and I met a few years ago at the hospital where we both work.
    Ying-Ta also grew up in Virginia, but his background is very different from my own. His parents moved to the U.S. from Taiwan when he was very young, but they raised him very traditionally. His parents speak only Mandarin Chinese and Taiwanese (with the exception of a few bits of English that they have dusted off and tried to use for the sake of my being able to understand the conversation). His parents are very loving and welcoming - at least, they are now. This was not always the case. It took a while for his mom to even agree to meet me in the first place. It took much patience, understanding, and compromise on both ends of the spectrum, but we are at a good point now and praise God, she even accepts the boys (which was very hard for her coming from her culture).

    P.S. I would like to also mention that I don't know anyone who I can talk to about these types of things and if anyone is in a similar situation or knows anyone who would be willing to be a conversation partner or who just needs an ear for listening, I would love to meet them! It would be nice to have someone to talk to who knows the intricate workings of a family with traditional Asian parents-in-law.

    I guess that about sums up the basics about our little patchwork family. It is nice to be back and I hope to get to know y'all along our journey!
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    Hi! Welcome! What a great and interesting story you have to tell. I'm glad to know that your IL's are loving and caring people. It can be hard to look past the tradition and "they way its always been done" when you mix cultures. I was raised Old Colony German Mennonite so I know a little about cultural clashes.

    Good luck TTC #3! I look forward to hearing more from you during your (hopefully short) journey.
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    Hi Katie!
    - Becky

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