Hi ladies

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Hi ladies

DH and I just started TTC and am excited to join you all! We missed the hot zone this month (which I am so annoyed with myself for now--we kept falling asleep and never DTD! I was waiting to hear about a job and so was still feeling uncertain about TTC, so I didn't push it. Didn't get the job and now really wish we had at least tried). Anyway, so now we are looking at September. I think I'll be O'ing around the 10th. Can't wait! It only took one try with DS, so hopefully it happens fast for us again this time.

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Welcome! I hope your stay here is short and sweet. Biggrin

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welcome! I hope you have a short stay here! Looking forward to getting to know you. Smile

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Hi there. We just officially started TTC this month. I too would go through phases where I would be tempted to put it off for one reason or another. Then I would regret it when I got my period. Finally, I am not waiting any longer! Whatever life events/obstacles come our way, we'll just deal with it. I'm not getting any younger! Smile

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Hi Maggie! Welcome! I hope your TTC journey is very short! :goodluck:

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Hi and welcome! Hope your stay here is short and sweet!

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Welcome! I'm glad you decided to share your journey with us!

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Hey there!! Welcome aboard, maybe we'll share a BB again.