Hi!! New to the board :)

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Hi!! New to the board :)

My name is Michelle. I have a DF and a 5 and a half month old son. Before I even had my son, we had already decided we wanted to start TTC pretty soon after he was born. Both of us have siblings, but far apart in age. I grew up an only child for 16 years and remember how lonely and sad I was with no one to play with. We are really hoping they will be in consecutive grades in school. And the next 2 months are my chance Smile I am currently in the 2ww for July '12. Hoping for a quick BFP!!! Looking forward to chatting away the wait with you ladies!!

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Welcome Smile We have a DD that will be 2 in a week and we want our kiddos to be close enough in age that they are friends too so we are hoping for a quick BFP too. This is our 2nd cycle. I hope you get a quick BFP !

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Welcome and good luck! We have that 16 year gap between my DSS and DS (not by choice) and would like to have another sibling closer in age for our 15 month old.

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Welcome to the TTC 0-24 board!! I hope you get your quick BFP! I grew up with a brother 15 months younger than me and we've always been very close. I'm on the April '12 board and will have mine 18 months apart, and I'm excited to have them close together. I hope it happens quickly for you!

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Welcome and good luck! I hope you get your BFP very soon! I certainly understand wanting your kids to be closer in age. My sister and I are 4 years apart and we're pretty close now but when we were kids we were always in different schools because she was so many grades above me. DH and his brother are closer in age and seem to have a closer relationship so I've always wanted my kids to be close in age too. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you and hoping you get that BFP this month!

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Welcome and good luck! My sister and I were 5.5 years apart, so I am hoping to have mine closer than that. We were pretty good friends once we got a little older, but we had our moments of fighting. LOL

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Welcome and good luck!