Hi and OPK question

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Hi and OPK question

Hi! I'm Natalie and my husband and I are TTC #2! We conceived ds after about 5 months of JLIH. I would like to use OPK strips this time and am wondering what kind you ladies like to use. I Would like to order them off of Amazon as there is something else I need to order from them. Thanks in advance! Biggrin

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I used to just buy mine at Wal-Mart, and I would get the Answer brand that has (I think) 20 strips in it for under $20. But I've also used the Wondfo brand off of Amazon. You can even get a combo pack that includes the HCG strips too. I know other ladies have used other brands they can tell you about, but that would be my personal recommendation if you are wanting to get them off Amazon.

:goodluck: I hope your TTC journey is short and sweet!! KUP.

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I checked amazon and only saw the wondfo or clearblue easy. I haven't used either.... but I use the ones from earlypregnancytests.com and they are awesome!
Good luck with whatever you choose and may your TTC journey be easy!

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Thanks ladies! I still haven't gotten around to ordering any! My DH is convinced that I'm already pg! I'm afraid to POAS!

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I like the wondfo ones from amazon. Hope you don't even need to order any! Wink

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I tried both the walmart and target sticks but because of conflicting results one month I went with the nurse's suggestion of clearblue easy. I think they're much easier to read - no interpreting lines. This made me feel more comfortable. Good luck! :bigarmhug: