Hi there!

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Hi there!

CD 1 means I am officially TTC! Woo!

I'm Andi, 33, with one DS (3), and TTC #2.

We have been waiting to TTC for about a year, due to my career, so I'm really excited that it's finally here!

Looking forward to getting to know you all!

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Welcome Andi!
I'm Rachel, DH is Jason, we are TTC #1 starting Sept, although we have been careless this month so we'll see what happens! Biggrin

Good luck and I hope all of our ttc journeys are short and sweet!

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Welcome Andi! I hope your TTC journey is short and sweet! :goodluck:

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Welcome! Hope your stay is short! lol. Smile

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Hi and welcome!!

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Hello there! Good luck! Smile