Hi y'all. New ... Again

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Hi y'all. New ... Again

Hi ladies here I am again. I was mainly in the TOC board when we got pregnant last but unfortunately that bean wasn't meant to be. So this is our 3rd month after so this would be the first month trying according to the doc suggesting waitin 3 cycles before trying again.
Last night got a positive OPK and then again super dark tonight. I always get two in a row and it tends to be my 2nd positive that is my ovulation. With that said, DH is out of town this week but will be back tomorrow. Thank you navy. Anyone know what the chances may be to catch a late egg possibly ? I feel like the chances are slim. And the next two months will likely be out as DH has to have surgery and won't be able to do anything at all. Boo !! So thoughts or ideas
Maybe to save this cycle ?

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Hi and welcome, nice to be here with you again! Based on previous threads (recent article
Posted), I'd say that it would be difficult to catch it late. But, you can still try!

Wishing you lots of luck Smile

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Yep, welcome! And same here. According to that article...it's best to DTD a few days before ovulation.

DH and I DTD at -3, -2 and O days. I don't know which collection got the job done but somewhere...one of them caught the egg!
I hope you get your chance soon too!

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Hi and welcome. So sorry to hear of your loss, but I'm glad to hear you sound like you're handling it well. From what I have read it is possible to catch the egg the day after O, but it's much less likely. I would say just DTD anyway. Whether you catch the egg or not, at least you'll have fun and bonding time. Smile

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Hi!! Welcome! Once you ovulate the egg stays ready for generally about 24 hours, so if he's back within 24 hours of when you ovulate, then you should have a pretty decent chance! If you do catch it, it would increase the odds that you'd have a boy. I'll see if I can find the info, but there's a difference in the x and y sperm. The 'boy' sperm are faster swimmers, but also die faster so if you DTD right at ovulation you'll increase the chances of a boy. The 'girl' sperm are slower swimmers and live longer so if you DTD a few days before O you'll increase the chances of a girl. I don't the the chances are increase significantly enough to live by that method, but I've always found that interesting. Sorry for the tangent! Biggrin I hope you catch that eggy!

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Welcome back. I'm sorry to hear about your loss and wanted to remind you if you need to vent or talk I'm sure we are all willing it listen Smile
I agree with the ladies, I think slim but it can still happen. So honestly DTD anyway. Surprises always happen and honestly you never know! Wink

Anna thanks for that info....baby girl *insert* lol
Is this true to anyone who's tried?

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Welcome back!! I am not really sure about the whole late timing thing lol I don't know much about that but it's worth a shot! Best of luck to you and DH and I hope your TTC journey ends up to be a short one Smile

The whole conceiving a boy/girl thing is true!! I did it with DD and it really did work! We DTD up to O day and did not on O day and conceived a girl Smile