hoping to conceive naturally with tubal issues

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hoping to conceive naturally with tubal issues

I guess I am not your usual TTC newbie. I have confirmed endometriosis and possible tubal issues and recent miscarriage. But all in, I have been trying to conceive for 15 months, with some of those months on hold due to medication/surgery for endometriosis.

I am hopeful to get pregnant naturally, but my RE has suggested that IVF is my best option. I have other children conceived naturally (prior to knowing of any tubal issues) and am in a bit of denial about using IVF. I don't think we would actually do it in the end, since we have two already.

But I am not able to let go.....I want a third so bad. So I am here, hoping to TTC naturally. I wonder if anyone else has been in my shoes? I feel a bit discouraged after the RE said IVF was my best option.