Hoping for one gender or the other?

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Hoping for one gender or the other?

I would really like to have a girl this time around (and my daughter has requested a sister, lol).
Anyone trying out a "method" for getting one gender or the other? Any real-life results?

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Nope I just want a baby. I do know a lady who wanted a boy after two girls so tried the shettles method and she got her boy

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I think I would like another boy, so the 2 youngest are the same sex...but in reality I don't care Smile

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I want a boy because I have 2 girls, my oldest has been requesting a brother since I was pregnant with DD2 and DH really wants a boy (carry on the last name because between us and his cousins there are just little girls). I want a girl because I have 2 girls and feel like I know what I'm doing with them Smile

We didn't try to "sway" the other times but according to our timing and the Chinese predictor, my girls should have been boys.

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I read the book by Dr. Shettles on Choosing the Sex of your Child. Easy read - we tried it after Kendall to help increase odds of a boy. Quentin is the result Smile This time, I don't care - would just like a healthy, sticky babe!!

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I'd love a boy this time, we have 2 girls. Although they would like a sister but they have each other

We DTD for a boy the first time and have 2girls so who knows if it truly works Wink

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I'd love a baby of any gender right now! I have a slight preference towards a girl mostly because of bedroom sharing stuff and because girl clothes are cuter! LOL!

I wasn't planning on it, but we DTD the couple days before O with DS and 4-5 days prior for DD. I was honestly shocked when we were pregnant with DD because I thought it was barely possible to be pregnant that far out from DTD.

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We have 3 boys so a boy would be easier. A girl would be nice but I am afraid people would say "oh you can stop now you finally got a girl" effectively telling my boys they are second class citizens.

A boy would be cheaper, we have all the boys clothes we could possibly need. And only 2 kids bedrooms.