Hot Seat Sign Up List!

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Hot Seat Sign Up List!

We're going to start a Hot Seat! Sign up here and I'll keep a master list updated in this first post! (I'll take the first few names off of the thread where I was asking if anyone was interested, but from now on, sign ups will only be done through THIS thread!)

Hot Seat List
Michelle - Lily 2006
Jodi - jodes77
Megan - Mrs Riggert
Jean - celticbandgeek
Erin - Erin Elizabeth
Tasha - MrsVTB
Neela - youngmom08

Anna - AnnaRO
Karen - k_canuck
Jackie - alwayssmile
Jessica - SuzieQ16
Rachel - readytoplanmom
Marianne - mwilliamson006Tiia - Kita Angel
Erin - E-Koz
Claire - JaMesMomma
Carin - mac1006
Amanda - sunbaby777
Krystal - Krystal6
Leah - Leah261
Crystal - crystalcervmunoz
Melissa - Sweet Pea Twins
Crystal - CrysRee31
Deirdre - nero 1281

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Im Megan sorry there's no room for my name in mu signature Smile

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I'm Neela. I probably should create a signature Smile

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Yeah, I'll do it I guess. Blum 3

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Sure! My name is Jessica

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This is Rachel, sounds like a great idea! Smile

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I'm Marianne, sounds wonderful!

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Oh this looks interesting! May I join in? I'm Tiia and I would love to get to know others better and vice versa!

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I'm in. Smile

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Can you sign me up? My name is Claire. Thx!

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I want to join Smile

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OK - I'm game!

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I'm Krystal and I just joined yesterday, so I would definitely like the opportunity to get to know everyone better.

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Okay! Got the list updated to here!

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Hey this looks like fun! Could you sign me up? My name is Leah! Smile

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could i still join in.

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I'm in if this is still going!!

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I'm in too!

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Updated to here! Biggrin

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Count me in!!

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Got you on the list Deirdre!

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I would like to join - my name is Marianne

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