How will you tell DH?

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How will you tell DH?

When you get pregnant, how will you tell DH? Anything creative planned?

For DS1, I just handed him the "Pregnant" digital test.

DS2 (our 30 week stillbirth) I wrapped up a pink onesie and gave it to him. (We ended up team blue again)

DS3, I hid the pregnancy test in his coffeemaker to see when he made coffee in the morning.

DS4, I ordered a mug that said "Dad 2010"

5th (miscarriage) I took a picture of the pregnancy test and gave it to him for our anniversary (we were out of town).

I had planned for the 5th one to be decorated cookies t-shirt cookies each with our name and birth year (as the jersey number). I had ordered the cookies, and put them in our deep freeze, intending that we get pregnant and have a baby in that year, but it took us so long to get pregnant, the cookie for the TBD was outdated. We ate them later, and they still tasted good, but I can't do that again.

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I have no idea. I have a big brother shirt for DS so maybe put him in that and hope hubby notices. It will probably be more like disbelief hand him a test saying I think I may be going insane re there really two lines or am I delusional.

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I will probably just show him the stick. I almost fell down the stairs with the test in hand when I found out I was oh with DS - I was so excited I ran down them and lost my footing!

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So many ways, I'm still thinking about it Wink