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Well, went in for it yesterday. Happy to report that it was NOT as bad as some people experienced (thank Goodness!) and would put it on par with a rather intense pinching/cramping feeling. I just focused on taking deep breaths and was fine. And in truth, it lasted less than 2 minutes, so hard to be too awful! Good news--everything was clear. In fact, so clear that it went VERY quickly once they injected the dye--like in, up, and out. Instant. This of course now has DH worried there is something wrong with him. I'm more optimistic that maybe there is nothing wrong with either of us and we just haven't hit the timing exactly right yet. Who knows. I am still bleeding a bit today though, so I hope that stops!

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That's awesome news all around, Erin! I'm glad it wasn't a terrible experience for you and that it was all clear!! YAY!! One step closer to knowing what you are dealing with (if anything). Thanks for updating, I was beginning to wonder when you didn't post yesterday about it. Oh and I bet you already know, but for whatever weird reason, there tends to be an increased chance of getting pg in the 3 to 6 months after an HSG is done. Crazy, but I hope that's the case for you!

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I'm glad it went well! Good to hear everything is fine with you, and I know it seems like everyone else seems to get pg so quickly, but the odds of catching the egg on any given month for perfectly healthy people is still rather low, so I'm sure you're right, you just haven't gotten that magic timing yet. I hope the HSG worked its weird magic and that you guys are one of the lucky ones who get pg soon after Biggrin

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Yay! I'm so glad you had a no-too-bad experience, and that the results were good!