Husband on Prozac while ttc

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Husband on Prozac while ttc

My hubby is on Prozac which is a fantastic drug, BUT has anyone had success getting pregnant while their partner is on prozac? I've read that it can slow down sperm, but I'm not sure. He just had his 2nd testosterone shot which he is having for libido and energy and whatever. Is there anything I can do to bump up the little fellas?

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I can't speak on behalf of the Prozac and its affects, but after 1 year of TTC our DD we were told we were infertile due to very low sperm count. DH switched to boxers and started working out and eating better. It took a while longer, but after 2.5 years of TTC we did conceive our DD on our own. So you might just make sure that his 'boys' get plenty of breathing room and that your DH is exercising and eating well, to start off with. I do believe there are meds that can help with sperm count too, but I would think that the testosterone shot should help too. KUP!