I am a little bit in shock here! (pic)

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I am a little bit in shock here! (pic)

So I think I've mentioned before that I am a POAS addict and pusher. Since DH and I kinda decided to TTC this cycle, I've been dying to POAS since the moment I O'd. Well, I started to POAS at 6dpo and got a BFN's (naturally!) until today!! Today is 8DPO and I tested this morning and got a super faint line, so being the POAS addict I am I tested again just now. Here it is!

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Congrats!!! HH9M!! Yahoo

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Oh ayayayayaayyaaa!!!! So happy for you!


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Wow! Congrats!

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Omg. How wonderful!!!
Congrats. You did it Wink

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Congrats!!! HH9M to you.

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WOOHOO!!! Congratulations to you! Smile How exciting!