I graduated!

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I graduated!

I've been posting on the June and July boards, but I realized I never posted here: I got a BFP last week! I used a Clearblue digital, so no line to analyze. I got up way early Sunday a.m. with DS (he woke up at 5:45, ugh!) and decided to give myself permission to test to give myself motivation to get out of bed, and was completely shocked when it came up positive. I was expecting a BFN because I hadn't really had any symptoms yet (now I do!) It was way too much excitement for that early in the morning! I got to serve DH his coffee with a positive pregnancy test on the side.
Looks like quite a few of us are closing in on testing time, good luck ladies! I need some company. BFPs for everyone!

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Congrats! That's awesome. I wondered where you went off to.

:party: :pileon: :jumpingbeans:

I hope we get some more of those rolling in!!!

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I posted on the other board, but it is always worth saying again.... CONGRATULATIONS! Yahoo

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Congrats! :thewave: :thewave: :jumpingbeans:

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Congrats! We'd love to join you over there on the "other side" soon! Wink