I guess I'll hang out here

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I guess I'll hang out here

Hey ladies! I see that this board is picking up a little, and I'm not one for BB hopping, so I guess I'll hang out with you (hopefully not for long :p) I was on the TTC: JLIH board, but everyone there has either graduated or moved on to adoption so it has been dead for quite awhile.

Anyway, I'm Amber/25 as of yesterday :), DH is Chris/35 and we are NTNP/JLIH #3 right now. We have 2 little boys, Mason who turned 2 in April, and Isaac who will be 1 next month. We've been NTNP for probably around 6 months now, I am still nursing DS2 and I only got PPAF back in May. I'm on my second cycle and I'm pretty sure I'm out, so I thought I'd come here. I don't really temp (I'm too inconsistent) and I def don't opk, all I really do is watch my CM/CP.

I look forward to getting to know you gals! Biggrin

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Happy Birthday!!!!!!!

And I hope you get a sticky little bean soon!

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Welcome! I'm glad you've decided to stay with us. I agree about the board-hopping.

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Hi Amber... welcome from another canuck! (although I'm no longer living in Canada)

Happy Birthday!

I hope your stay here is short and sweet.. but while you're here, hang out and have some fun with us!


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Hi Amber,

Welcome and :goodluck: (and a belated happy birthday!)

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Hi there!! From one newbie to another.

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Welcome to the board Biggrin Hope your journey to that BFP is a short one! Smile

And....Happy Birthday!!