I should've probably read the directions...

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I should've probably read the directions...

There have been a few mornings where I woke up, took my temp., and without looking at it, set the thermometer down... then later in the day I went back to check what my temp was via the thermometers "memory".
Yesterday I glanced at my temp before setting the thermometer down, and was pretty certain it said 97.76 or 97.78. However, when I went to confirm the temp later, the memory reading said 97.70. After a little playing around with it, I realized to get the memory reading, I have to hold down the power button. If you just press it, it displays the 97.70 to confirm it's working. So I have these 97.70's on my chart that may or may not be accurate! That was a pretty dumb mistake, lol...:rolleyes:

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LOL! Thanks for the heads up, I should check to see if mine does the same!

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Ughhh! I did the same thing! How annoying!