I was trying to avoid this but...

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I was trying to avoid this but...

...here I am. We've been TTC for 4 cycles now - the 3rd time was not supposed to take as long as the first 2! I had hoped to entirely by-pass the TTC board, but now that we're working on cycle 5 I thought I'd settle in here for a bit!

This will be #3 if all goes according to plan - DD is 5.5 and DS will be 3 on Tuesday. It took 5 cycles and 10 respectively with them, so I shouldn't be surprised that it's taking several cycles this time also. I chart and take OPK's, so I honestly thought this would be a one shot deal...but apparently that's just not the way we work Smile

Given that the OPK and charting don't seem to be enough, I've been thinking of trying a soft cup - anyone else tried with success? I'm afraid that DH will think I've lost my mind, but I'm up for almost anything at this point!


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Hi! Welcome back. I know when TTC its impossible to not get increasingly discouraged with every cycle you don't get a BFP, but it'll come. While it seems like surprise pregnancies are all around you when you are trying, there really is so much that has to line up perfectly for pregnancy to occur. (I know you know all this! Lol I hope your turn comes very soon and I hope you keep us posted on how things are going.

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Hi and welcome back. I hear you on it taking longer than expected and it is discouraging. DS was a first try baby, we are going on about 16ish (I have lost count) months TTC now. I have never heard of a soft cup though, I hope it gets you the results. My hubby has given up thinking I am crazy and now just nurtures my crazy requests without comment