I wanted to get pg before, but now... (TMI)
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Thread: I wanted to get pg before, but now... (TMI)

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    Default I wanted to get pg before, but now... (TMI)

    ... It had better happen NEXT MONTH.

    AF showed up this morning at 4. I know, because the cramps woke me up. This isn't so unusual - I always have bad cramps, though they were much worse before DD - but they quickly got worse than usual. Then much worse. Then worse than that.

    I'm going to be honest, it was scary. I had pins and needles all over my body, especially in my arms. I felt like I was going to faint several times. I threw up three times in an hour. I felt like there was a heavy ball of pain inside of me that was radiating out to the rest of my body. I alternated between sweating in a fever and shivering from cold. Then, after I finished throwing up and the pain died down a little bit, I got back in bed and required two blankets to keep me from shivering. DH said I looked white as a sheet, and he commented on how cold I felt.

    He was great, btw. Just like in labor. He sat there beside the toilet with me for at least an hour, rubbing my stomach and back, holding my hair while I threw up. Then going to console DD when she woke up and wanted "Mama!" and "Milk!"

    Poor DD. I think I frightened her a bit when I started throwing up again. She started crying and asked DH to take her away. But she was overall really good. And she even made me smile: "Dear God, Mama to feel better so [DD] can drink milk. Amen."

    But, yeah. I'm not going through this again if I can help it. No more JLIH. I'm apparently going to get pregnant or die trying!
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    I forget.


    I'm not throwing up, but the past two AFs have been way more awful than before baby with bad cramps and worse bleeding than after he was born. It definitely helps one want to push up the time line for another.

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    I started my first AF since DD was born too ( I had a mirena inserted 6 weeks after she was born). I have been feeling for the past few days and it's definately heavier than before. Can't wait to be pg again so I can say bye bye to the witch!!
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