As if I'd make it all the way to October 31st...

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As if I'd make it all the way to October 31st...

Looks like I might have some good news. Smile

AF is still due on Sunday, and I have a bad track record with those darn CPs. All sticky thoughts and prayers VERY welcome and appreciated!

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Congrats!!! love that yes + sign!!!
sticky vibes going your way.

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Congrats!!!! Sending all the sticky vibes I can your way!

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I'll leave more sticky vibes here too ! Congrats Smile

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That is so AWESOME!! Congratulations!!!!!

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Congrats Jean! I knew your chart looked good! Hoping for a sticky one for you. Best of luck.

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Yay! Congrats! Come hang out with us on the July 2012 birth board!

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Thanks everybody! I'm so excited, but still nervous. Beta on Monday, and then I think it'll feel a little more real.

Maggie - I'll be over soon! I'll post on the testing thread, but I just want to be absolutely sure I'm going to get past the first few days (I have a CP track record) before I jump in over there. Smile

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Congrats!!! Sending lots and lots of super duper extra sticky vibes your way Jean! Smile

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Posted on the DYSAL thread, but think it's worth repeating...CONGRATS!

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1st Beta - 34.8. Not spectacular, but definitely within the norms for 4 weeks. Repeat on Wednesday, and nurse said not to worry too much about the specific number (40+ is desirable, but not a cause for concern yet) and that they are looking for a 60%-100% increase at that time. So, more waiting....but in the meantime, I'm officially knocked up! Biggrin

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