I'm back...kinda

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I'm back...kinda

Hi ladies. Idk if you remember me but I was on this forum for a short bit while I ttc my son.
I am coming back here because we are TOC but that board is absolutely dead and I have some questions.

As you may or may not recall...I never TTC with my first 2 children. I TTC with my 3rd...but this would be my first time TTC after a birth. My husband and I haven't exactly been very careful since postpartum bleeding stopped. Not that we're being careless, we both know what unprotected BDing does. We're both fine with the idea that a child MIGHT be conceived.
Although, lately we've been going back and forth about it because DS is teething lol. Nevertheless, we are still having consensual unprotected BDing...

My questions are...how long after Birth do people usually ovulate? I got my witch back around a month and a half with both my daughters. They were c-sections...I wasn't exclusively BFing either because I worked. With DS I have been exclusively BFing since day one...we are now on day 92 - that seems like an awfully long time to go without the witch.

I know EBFing can delay ovulation...thus delaying the witch. Anyway...I'm rambling...my point is...when on earth should I expect her? I wonder if I may already have become preggers and not know (very unlikely because I usually have bad morning sickness)... DH and I are not actively trying yet but we aren't actively preventing either so my other question is...have any of you ladies had children back to back? How difficult was that?

I kinda want my cake and eat it too so to speak...I want to enjoy DS as long as possible before being preggers again but I know I want my last child sooner rather than later too hehe. Decisions, decisions. Yeah...TOC lol.

Anyway. sorry it's such a long post and thanks for reading

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Hi Steph! Welcome back! Smile

To answer your question, I've experienced a mix when EBF. With one, I did *not* have my return to cycle, yet conceived almost immediately -- about 2 - 3 months after birth. With another, I had my cycle return before my 6 wk. checkup -- but we did not become pregnant until over a year later.

I can share that my best predictor did not come from temping but more from paying attention to the cervical mucus and position.

As for having kids close together, physically, I did not have a more difficult time with my pregnancy than with my other kids spaced about 2 yrs apart. After birth, I do think that there was an initial adjustment period that was a bit challenging as you were dealing with a newborn and a little 1 yr old that couldn't fully communicate her needs / still more dependent than not. Once I think we became accustomed to having the new baby on board though -- I loved the closeness (and still do today!)

I wish you the best of luck! How's the rest of your family doing? I can't believe that your youngest is already 3 months!

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In regards to af returning I ebfed for my ds and afdidn't return until he was thirteen months old, exactly one month after I stopped expressing at work

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There is a huge variance from woman to woman on this one. Some don't really get a break from AF even with EBFing. Others go for a very long time without AF. For me AF came back 6 months after I had my DD1, and came back 12 months after my DS was born. Both were EBF babies. I was still nursing DD1 very regularly when I got pg with DS and was still nursing DS when I got pg with DD2. DD2 was born 5/16 and I haven't had AF return yet and don't expect her for another few months at least.

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Yeah it varies a lot. I got mine back at 7 months pp and it hasn't been regular since it has returned. I can tell when I am ovulating though probably more so than before I became pregnant. For some reason ovulation hurts more now and I have a lot more EWCM. It's gross. But we are also thinking of conceiving at the end of the year so it will be good to know when to bd.

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Thank you ALL for your helpful replies. I guess I'm just in another waiting game. It's absolutely fine with me, I'm enjoying my time with DS while my two DDs are at school all day!

DH and I have decided we'd like to postpone conception (if possible) until at least January so DS and new baby will be at least 18 months apart. That being said, it is hard to know when to DTD and when not to when there's no regular witch to watch. Although my hair is thinning out again so I know my hormones are changing again. - My DDs are 22 months apart. That was not so bad I guess. I know I can handle close babies but IDK how close I want them to be. DH is ok with either lol. He's the oldest of 4 with a sporadic range in ages too. IDK. I'm the one who is wishy washy back and forth. I suppose I should stop over thinking and let things happen how they happen (DH and Midwife's advice lol)

Anna! So great to chat with you again. Congrats on DD2!
Missy! Our family is doing soo great. My two daughters are absolutely enthralled with DS as is DH of course. The girls sleep right through his crying but we're also on a better "schedule" now so he doesn't cry much anymore for food. He's got me trained lol.

He was teething very badly...and so young! I've never had a baby that got teeth this early. He finally broke it through the other day so he's feeling much better. And yeah...I can't believe he's 3 months old already either! Amazing how time just flies as everyone always says lol. Anywho. Thanks again for reading and all your helpful advice. TTYL

OH..eta: I did test a couple days ago just to see what it would say. BFN with FMU and SMU. I used cheapies but still. I trust the BFN. Anyway ttyl

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Hopping back in to say that with the end of the yr coming and the beginning of a new year....things are changing. DH is considering going back to school for Marine Biology. The kids and I have a great schedule and Aiden is growing up sooo fast!

Still BDing unprotected. Still no witch. I did have some EWCM this month around the 19th. FF still says no signs of O but that's probably because I didn't check temps or positions. We're still not actively trying...because honestly...how can we with no witch lol. DH and I are just taking the relaxed road here. Taking things as they come, one day/month at a time. I have finally accepted the fact that I may not ovulate or have a witch for another few months.

Just enjoying my kids, enjoying EBFing. 7 months and counting! Letting go and letting God. lol.

That said, we do a POAS every 4-6 weeks just to check. Last night I got a faint line, possibly evap. This morning with FMU I got an error test, the line is all smudgy and weird...like it leaked out of it's line area. Hard to explain but ... yeah...not a test worth counting. I only had two tests. So...guess we'll just have to wait and see lol

Love you ladies. How have you all been?

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Hi there, let me share here with you a site I've been using to track my ovulation period and I hope it could help you too on your TTC, good luck. Ovulation predictor - predict your ovulation online!

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I re-read my posts. So

I re-read my posts. So sporadic and indecisive. DH calmed me down and reminded me that things will happen in their own time. It's been a while but we've had a very relaxed several months. :)

I did have AF in 2/2015 but haven't had one since. I started taking Vitex (recommended by Midwife) and DH and I started actively TTC. I've been doing well about checking CM, CPosition and Temping except I missed a couple days of temping. I smudged the numbers on those days just to see what FF would say because I had all the other signs of O and my temp is now rising. With my smudged numbers FF says I O'd this past Sunday which would be great because of perfect BD timing. But we shall see. If my temps stay up I know it's probably accurate. If not, then not...or I missed the egg. Either way I seriously trying to stay calm and not get my hopes up.

With DH and I TOC for so long without any AF or fertile signs...and now we're TTC, it feels like we've been at this a lot longer than we really have. And I know most of the infertile time has been due to EBF, which I am still doing. It feels right to be TTC now, I'm glad we waited and that my cycle was out of whack (natural spacing at its finest). I am just such an impatient person and this is a test I continually have with everything in my life. Once I decide I'm ready for something, I want it immediatly. lol. It's not too funny...but...It's a battle I face...I have to make myself be patient and enjoy the life I have right now instead of constantly worrying about the future.

Everything in our lives is going great. DH is getting all As in school and loving it. Both of my girls are doing great, happy, and doing well in school too. Aiden and I get a lot of play time together and his little personality is just blossoming into this amazing little tot! He's trying to walk now too and he'll be 11 months old in just a few days (27th of April). Life really is good. I enjoy it, I really do. I just know I'm not done having kids yet; I feel it in my soul and so does DH, I'm so glad we're on the same page.

Sorry for my rant/pity party. Feel free to disregard lol. I say this at the end of it all. Sorry. I've got my FX for baby dust this month. And so it truly begins.

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