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Hi, I'm Deirdre

I'm 36, married for 3.5 years and have a beautiful Feb 2010 daughter, Erin. DH and I have been planning on TTC for a fall 2012 baby and after a OOPS moment last month and a late we are.

MY DD was planned and took 3 mos of trying to get pregnant. I'm REALLY hoping that we get as lucky this time around and that being over 35 will not be an issue. I was using the depo shot for bc for 6 mos after DD. It made me a lunatic and came off of it in Oct 2010 and eventually started lexapro for some depression/anxiety issues. I got AF again in April of 2011 and haven't had regular cycles yet, but they have generally been under 30 days. This last one was 35:eek: But I have weaned off the Lexapro and and ready to go.

I had a very uneventful pregnancy with DD, but I have Hypothyriodism and had a see a specialist throughout the 9 mos. Luckily this meant monthly ultrasounds. I'm guessing I'll be getting that again, especially being over 35.

I tried tempting a few months ago just to get the hang of it and it really wasn't for me. I'm planning on using OPKs and monitoring CM. Any one have any other suggestions???

OK. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
Speaking of sticking to things, DD is HANGING off of me right now. Gotta go.

Looking forward to the journey with you ladies!

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Hey Dierdre! I had issues with depo too! I completely know where you're coming from there. I don't remember if it made me crazy though typically any hormone thing like that does. I only took it for 6 months though. I had a period the whole time and didn't get one for nearly a year coming off of it. That was when they decided I had PCOS though. It was shortly after that anyway though I think it's fairly normal for cycles to be a mess after depo.

Temping isn't for me either for a variety of reasons....insomnia being one of them. I'm up and down all night when I can't sleep so it wouldn't be too accurate. When we first started TTC we just did OPKs and my doc did a day 21 progesterone because they wanted to check and see how well I was O'ing. Other than that we haven't really done much. I'd just say with the OPKs start BD'ing as the line starts to get darker even before it's truly positive so you're completely covered. Smile

Good luck sweetie! I hope it works out for you soon!

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"nero1281" wrote:

Speaking of sticking to things, DD is HANGING off of me right now. Gotta go.

I have this same issue (DS is nursing while I'm surfing around and trying to type). Just want to say "hi" though! I "saw" you on the Aug. board (or at least I think that's where I saw you posting). Hopefully, you won't be around here too long! Wink

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Hi Deirdre!! I just joined this board yesterday, so I am new to this, too! This is my first month TTCing. Good luck in your journey - hopefully neither of us will hang around here too long!! Biggrin

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Welcome. Your daughter is a cutie! Good luck with TTC. I look forward to getting to know you. Smile