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Hello all,
I would like to introduce myself, I am Leah and we are beginning TTC our 3rd. I had my Mirena removed Friday, so I am waiting for a normal cycle before we offically begin. Are there any of you that have had Mirena? If so how long did it take for your cycle to return to normal. I am looking forward to hanging out with you guys, I was apart of this board when we were TTC our first, so I know how much fun this board can be!

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Welcome back, Leah! How exciting to be on the TTC wagon again. I haven't had the Mirena, but I hope your cycle returns to normal quickly and your TTC journey is short and sweet. Thanks for sharing it with us here. I hope to see you around here a lot.

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Welcome! Good luck with TTC#3, hope it happens quickly.

I don't know anything about Mirena's but hopefully someone here does!