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Hello. My name is Kathleen. My dh and I have two beautiful kids and are going to start ttc #3. I get the mirena out tomorrow and I am nervous, but looking forward to what is to come. Hopefully my bodybets back to normal soon. Hope everyone gets their bfp soon.

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Hi Kathleen! We are about in the same boat. I'm getting my mirena out on the 25! I'm nervous but excited as well! I hope tomorrow goes easy and quick for you! I'd love to hear how it goes! Hopefully we'll get BFP soon! :goodluck:

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Hi kathleen! welcome! hope all goes fast tomorrow, and good luck ttc #3! hopefully your stay here is short and sweet!

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Nice to "meet" you, Kathleen. I hope your IUD removal went well and your body gets back to normal quickly.

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Congrats on TTC #3!! Welcome!

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Thank you. The removal went well. Now it is time to wait I guess. Nice to meet everyone. Hope we all have a short stay.

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Hello to all...