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Hello ladies. I'm just going to jump right in if I may. I'm new to this board, but I've been on for a few years now.

A brief intro for me:

This is my first cycle TTC since having my twins in Dec 2010. We tried for about 1 1/2 years for them. Turns out I have PCOS, and DH has lower morphology than what our RE likes to see. After three rounds of injectables +IUI's we were blessed with Alaina and Aiden. Now that we're ready for #3, we decided to TTC on our own to start with. If we haven't had any luck by May, we'll go see our RE again.

Believe it or not, this is my first time charting my BBT, and monitoring cf. Long story short, the OB I had before getting pg told me I wouldn't be able to use NFP, so I never looked into it. To be 100% honest, I'm just now starting to understand cf. I had actually asked her about the periodic "discharge" I experienced throughout the month, and she had told me I probably had a high amount of yeast.... REALLY?! Now that I know it's cf, I feel a little dumb. But anyhow.

I am on CD 13. Based on my history, I expect to have long cycles, and to experience many that are anovulatory. I've been taking OPKs since Sunday. I only took one then, but have taken at least 2 a day since. Many of the test lines have been so close to the control line that I keep thinking the next one will be an obvious +. I had some mild gas-like cramping off and on since last night. I've heard that some women who experience O pains have reported the crampy feeling sometimes up to a few days before O takes place. And as an added bonus, this afternoon I saw my first ever EWCM! It was just a tiny bit, but it was obvious what it was. Super excited! Smile

And in the event anyone wants to follow my chart, I'll go ahead and post it. Since it is my first time charting, I expect to have a lot of questions. I'm looking forward to getting to know you all.

My Ovulation Chart

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Wow! What an amazing story!! I am so glad you are here with us to share your new TTC journey! I hope that you defy all odds and get pg right away naturally!! I hope you are making the absolute most of that EWCM and all the other positive signs!

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I'm glad you joined us. Hopefully you can get pg naturally before May. Good luck!!

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Yay good luck. Hope you are able to concieve on your own.

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Hey Danielle! I'm a total lurker but just wanted to say that I've got my fingers crossed for a natural BFP for you!! DH and I are hoping to avoid the RE and IUIs for our next one also!! I'm really hoping that we both get an easier BFP!! I'll be stalking you!! Smile

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Hi Danielle! I just saw this as I was lurking around and I just wanted to tell you how how excited I am for you. I'm hoping for good news soon!