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    Hi ladies - I'm Em and we're beginning the journey of TTC #2. I have a 3.5 yr old DD. I'm really hoping for a late spring / summer baby. I came off the pill in April and wanted to wait a couple of cycles before TTC and charting.

    I started charting in July and have been using the OV watch (my charts don't really show a dip and peak indicating ovulation but the OV watch does indicate that I am ovulating which is good). I'm curious if anyone has or is using it and what you think of it. I started using as soon as I came off the pill to see how it worked and give it a 'trial run' before actually ttc. I've had some issues with the sensors falling out and the watch failing to get data which is frustrating. This was the first cycle that it worked properly at a time that we wanted to ttc indicating my Fertile Days and Ovulation days, so I am keeping my fingers crossed but am realistic about our chances.

    It took almost 1 yr (plus a chemical pregnancy) to conceive DD and we got to the stage where we were advised to see a fertility Dr. because apparently DH's testosterone level and sperm count were very low. As they were all busy planning our next plan of action, it turns out that I was actually pregnant, so DH's little guys were not as pathetic as all the experts thought - lol. Anyway, we discovered the reason for our 'infertility' was actually related to a brain tumor on DH's pituitary gland. He had surgeries and now his hormone levels have balanced out, so we should be in good shape.

    Anyway, I'm pretty cautious about how things will go the second time around but want to be more educated. I look forward to getting to know you and hope you all get your BFP's soon.

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    Welcome Em! I've never used an OV watch, but I hope it keeps helping you. Hope your stay on this board is short.

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