Intro time- Endo & Clomid

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Intro time- Endo & Clomid

Hello ladies!

I'm new here, and looking for conceiving buddies. DH and I have been TTC for about seven months now, which in the scheme of things I suppose isn't that long. Issue is I have history of Stage 4 Endo, most recent laparoscopy was January of this year. Did a dye check of my tubes, everything was clear and my left ovary was freed from my abdominal wall. I was on continous birth control for the past three years and stopped post lap. Charting hasn't really revealed anything, besides yielding results that looked more like the Rocky Mountains than anything normal. My doctor started me on Clomid 50mg CD 3-7 this past cycle, did an ultrasound prior to starting and noted that my ovaries appeared to have cystic patterning, but it could also be since I haven't properly ovulated on my own in well... three years? Been happily charting regardless and using OPK's like a mad woman. CM has never been really useful to me because some months i'm always heavy and others i'm not. BBT is considered high.. i'd say my average is likely 97.8. Right now i'm on CD 11.. not really sure if i've ovulated already or not. I had 2 OPK's that the line looked almost as dark as the test line.. but it might be my power of wishful thinking. Todays definitely looked darker then yesterdays! Just looking for some comfort as I have yet to find anyone with a terrible chart like mine, or any rhyme or reason to these things. Really hoping Clomid will do the magic. I'm contemplating going and raiding the pharmacy to get some Pre-Seed and Instead cups.

Me- 25- Rx: Endo Stage 4 (7 years), 4 laps, 1 round Clomid 50mg, healthy weight, good bloodwork (They took at least a body worth of it, so it better be good! Haha)
DH 22- Ridiculously healthy and perfect in every way.

Looking for any friends or words of support.. pointers. Hope? Thank you ladies!


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Welcome and :goodluck:

I've found charting very helpful...I hope your's starts giving you a clearer picture! Looking at your chart, it will depend on where your temps go from here, but I'd say that you maybe O'ed's a little early, but definitely possible. Are your cycles usually a consistent length?

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Hi and Welcome! Jump right in and hang out with us!

I hope that charting helps give you a clear picture of what's going on, and that the clomid will do it's magic for you!

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I am super irregular, which is one of the reasons I was put on Clomid. Pre-endo I was like clock work, 28 days. After so many treatments now I follow no pattern. Sometimes I go without AF for three months, sometimes it's only two weeks. I should really go back and chart everything from the beginning of my TTC journey to give a better scope of how irratic my temps are. I'm hoping clomid will do the trick and i'll see my chart become a little more regular. I've been looking all over for some examples of irratic charts like mine and yet to find one similar. My doctor mentioned it's likely just annovulatory cycles. Thank you for the warm welcome! Smile

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I've seen some crazy charts over the years from others that are a lot more crazy than yours! Remember that even a crazy looking chart revels information sometimes and it's the overall trend that matters.
It's really great that you already know what your obstacles are and that you have a doctor helping you out already. So many couples don't realize what they have going against them till well after a year. Best of luck to you!

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Hello and good luck! I also recently had a laparoscopy for endo. I don't know what stage it was and actually didn't know I had it until a few months before surgery. I hope the clomid works for you quickly....and of course I have heard that the first year after laparoscopy gives you your best chance for conceiving. Best of luck for success sometime soon! I think you've earned it for all you've been through already!

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Thank you ladies!

I am both lucky and unlucky to know what I have ahead of me. I'm fortunate in the sense that the doctors are more willing to address I already have fertility problems because of my endo and surgeries, unlucky that I have to deal with it in that way. I'm happy that I didn't have to wait it out though and that my doctors were willing to jump after 6 months of no ovulation. I'm still impatiently waiting for my first +OPK. Starting to think that maybe 50mg wasn't enough.. or maybe I am just ovulating late. Sad Super frustrating waiting it out. You'd think after all this waiting i'd be better at it, but I totally am not. I keep taking tests and getting faint lines. Maybe next month I should stress to my doctor I need to be observed more closely and get a mid month ultrasound to check if i'm actually producing decent follies. Any advice? My doctor basically just prescribed Clomid, told me to do blood tests on day 3, then day 23, then come in for a follow up on day 30.