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Introduction :)

So I *think* we are trying for #3 lol Its all confusing. Hubby did not want another. I was comfy not having another. Now all of the sudden he is talking about babies and asking me if I'm having symptoms and all this weirdness. Anyway, We have not been preventing for almost 4 years but I used clomid with my first 2 so I'm not sure how well this will go.

I am just now starting to have normal periods within the last few months. I'm really changing my diet and exercising now so hopefully things will look in our favor soon.

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Hi! Welcome! I'm Anna and the host on this board. I'm excited to have a new member to our happy little group. I hope that your plan works and your journey is short and sweet!

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Welcome! How exciting to go for #3! Looking forward to chating with you.

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Welcome to the group! KUP on your plans!