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Hello Ladies! My name is Carolyn. DH and I have decided to go ahead and try for #2! I'm having my mirena out on Oct. 25 so we will see how long my body takes to get back in baby making mode! Smile Hopefully not long, but I'm looking forward to chatting with you ladies!

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Welcome, Carolyn!! Hopefully your body adjusts quickly and you get that BFP soon!! I noticed your sweet baby girl was born in Dec 10. There is a combined Oct/Nov 10 board, and there are occasionally some Dec mommas that stop by. Feel free to chat some with us.

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Welcome!!! We are a little slow here right now, but we have some loyal checker iners and do have TTC spaces if you want to check out the stickies at the top. I hope that your journey is short and sweet. Thanks for sharing it with us.