Introduction - second month TTC (mention of pg loss)

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Introduction - second month TTC (mention of pg loss)


I'm 26 - recently BF and I have started TTC (after a year together). He has a great 6 year old daughter and I love my step daughter with all my heart and I know she will be the best big sister. We are really hoping to add a child of our own to our family.

I came here as I:

a) found this group and saw people mentioning BBT charting-- and I am SO confused! I can't find ANY BBT thermometers around here... can I chart with a regular thermometer?

b) I've always just figured I'd have a hard time getting pregnant, and I am hoping to find some people to chat with about this -- as all my friends pop out babies no big deal and I seem to be having a hard time... I had a loss in December at 8 weeks -- none of my friends have ever had these kinds of issues - I guess sometimes it's just nice to have somewhere to go talk to people who might understand.

Sooo um, that'S a bit about me!



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Hi Renee and welcome!

You would need a BBT thermometer as it temps in the hundredths of a degree making data more accurate. They can be found in places such as Walmart for around $10.00

Well, it's nice to "meet" you and I look forward for a chance to get to know you! I hope your get your BFP sooner rather than later!

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Some stores keep bbt thermometers with family planning stuff. Ask a pharmacist if you don't see them. If stores near you don't carry them, you'll need to look online. A regular thermometer won't work. And if you haven't read Taking Charge of Your Fertility, get a copy. It's a great start!

Hope you have success soon!

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Thanks ladies! I'll head to Walmart this week! I haven't looked there!

I am planning on ordering a copy of Taking Charge -- they are always sold out at the bookstores here!

And thanks, I'm hoping to get pregnant sooner then later - I have this crazy void right now that is just because I want to be a mom so badly.

Nice to meet you two Smile

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Not sure how much poking around you have done on here, but there's a board for TTC after a loss. I meant to extend my sympathy for your loss, too.

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Welcome Smile

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Sorry to hear about your recent loss. You have come to a great place. I just got a new BBT at target. It was near the regular thermometers in the cold and flu section. It looks very similiar.

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Sorry for your loss but welcome 'aboard' you might also want to check out the Taking Charge of Your Fertility website here -> while you wait for your book to arrive. lots of good info there as well.

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Welcome! I joined the board after experiencing a loss as well. I'm sorry that you had this experience. It is not easy to go through, especially when no one around you understands.
Good luck with charting and I hope you get a BFP real soon!

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Thanks everyone! Got my BBT thermometer, and started charting -- just waiting for my book to arrive!

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I use a regular thermometer and it works better then the bbt one i have. i like it better cuz it's glass and i don't ever need batteries.