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We are TTC #2 Smile Im super excited Ive always wanted at least two maybe more but we had put that on the back burner since we had DS so young. Well we are ready and not getting any younger so after a long discussion after our pregnancy "scare" we had been using the "pull and pray" method haha .. We decided that we are actually ready to have another little one. SOOOO since my son was a surprise and there was no trying involved I begin my journey to learn all the TTC techniques so any tips or advice is welcome and Im going to attempt to start charting as soon as AF arrives any day now.

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Good luck. It is all so exciting isnt it.

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Good luck to you!! I hope it happens quickly.

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Good luck!! That's how DH and I decided it was time to TTC as well, we thought were pregnant last cycle using the 'pull and pray' method!! We were excited at the thought and when I wasn't we decided it was time!!

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Yay!! Congrats and welcome to the madness that is TTC.